My Answer to Question 1: One animal used in sports is the horse. It is used in the sport of horse racing. This sport is popular in all over the world. It is a gambling. I don't like this sport, I think it is scary.
My Answer to Question 2: An animal I don't like is the cockroach. Cockroach live in lots of houses. Cockroach is very strange and weird. I don't like cockroach because it's very ugly.
My Answer to Question 3: My favorite animal is the elephant. You can see penguins in Africa. You can also see them in the zoo. Elephants are strong and big with a long nose. I like elephants because it's very interesting.
My Answer to Question 4: My friend Takayuki has a pet. He have two cats. I don't know their names. I think they're young. I think they're cute!
My Answer to Question 5: I would like to keep a giraffe as a pet. They are very tall animals. They have a very long neck. They eat trees leaf. They are so interesting!