My Answer to Question 1: A rule at my school is that I must be at school by 8:30. This is a rule to keep students safe. If I were late to school, I have to write the reason why I was late.
My Answer to Question 2: A rule at home is that I must stop using cell-phone. This is a rule to make me do my homework! If I didn't stop using cell-phone, my mother would be angry!
My Answer to Question 3: A rule at home I hate is that I must be in bed by 11:00. All of my friends stay up as late as they want to. I would change the rule so I change the rule so I could stay up as late as I wanted to.
My Answer to Question 4: I would like to make a rule that little brother had to be in bed by 7:00. That way I could watch the TV shows I wanted to watch for two hours. If he didn't go to bed by 7:00, he is noisy and troublesome.
My Answer to Question 5: I think the number one rule for improving my English skill is thinking everything in English. Usually, I try this rule but sometimes I forget!