Lesson 40: The Five Senses

EY! for Teens

EY! for Teens Year 2 Lesson 40 Quizlet

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EY! for Teens Year 2 Lesson 40: The Five Senses


Please prepare for your next lesson by writing down your answers to the questions below. Please use the same notebook every time to make it easier for you to review in the future.



  1. Which of the five senses do you think is your strongest sense: your vision, your hearing, your sense of smell, your sense of taste or your sense of touch? Why?
  2. What is the most amazing thing that you have ever seen? Why?
  3. What do you think is the most wonderful smell? Why?
  4. What is the most interesting food that you have ever tasted? Where did you try it?
  5. What is the greatest sound? Why?
  6. What is the best feeling in the world? Model Answers

If there is time, ask your teacher Question 3 and Question 4.

Model Answers: Let’s Ask Keiji

  1. I think my strongest sense is sight. I don’t have to wear glasses and I can always find things easier than others.
  2. I saw a double rainbow when I was hiking Rokko mountain. It was incredibly beautiful and rare.
  3. To me, the most wonderful smell is cinnamon buns baking in the oven.
  4. I tried durian fruit when I was traveling in Cambodia. It had a really bad smell but the taste was actually delicious. It was a very interesting taste.
  5. The greatest sound is the sound of money. I like to have money. CHA CHING!
  6. That’s a tough question. I like the feel of a cool breeze on a hot day or a warm bath on a chilly evening. I also like the way my back and shoulders feel after using a massage chair.