Lesson 15: Shrines and Temples

EY! for Teens

EY! for Teens Year 2 Lesson 15 Quizlet

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EY! for Teens Year 2 Lesson 15: Shrines and Temples


Please prepare for your next lesson by writing down your answers to the questions below. Please use the same notebook every time to make it easier for you to review in the future.



  1. Name one shrine or temple that is famous in Japan. Why is this place famous? Is it internationally famous? When do you think is the best time of year to visit?
  2. Have you ever visited this place? If so, tell the class about it. If not, would you like to go there some day?
  3. Think of a shrine or temple in Nara. What is it famous for? Does it have any distinguishing characteristics? Don’t say the name of the place; the class will try to guess which shrine or temple you are talking about!
  4. How often do you visit shrines and temples? Do you go to the same one again and again or do you visit several different ones? Do you ever go for sightseeing or only on special occasions?
  5. Do you have a talisman from a shrine or temple? If so, where did you get it from and what is it supposed to do? If not, do you believe that talismans bring good fortune?
  6. Imagine your foreign friend has said they want to visit a shrine or temple for the first time. They ask you to suggest somewhere they should visit. What would you say?

If there is time, please ask your teacher Question 4 and Question 5.


Model Answers: Let’s Ask Aoi

  1. Kiyomizu-dera. It is one of Kyoto’s signiature temples and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is a great place to visit year round. There are cherry blossoms in spring, red and orange leaves in autumn and possibly snow in winter.
  2. Yes, I have been to Kiyomizu-dera many times. The first time I went was on a school trip but I went again recently with my family. It’s one of my favourite temples.
  3. This is the shrine of the Fujiwara family. There are many bronze lanterns inside it and many stone lanterns leading up to the entrance. The path to the shrine passes through Deer Park and there is a Primeval Forest nearby.
  4. I visit shrines and temples a few times a year. I usually go to my local shrine during New Year and the local shrines in my parents’ hometowns during Obon. I sometimes go to temples around Kyoto and Nara for sightseeing with my grandmother.
  5. Yes, I do. I have a talisman from Omiwa-jinja in Sakurai. It is supposed to promote good health. I keep it with me whenever I leave the house.
  6. I would recommend Ginkaku-ji in Kyoto. Kinkaku-ji – the Temple of the Golden Pavilion – is more famous but the gardens of Ginkaku-ji are more beautiful. I’d also recommend Todai-ji in Nara. The giant statue of the Buddha is pretty impressive the first time you see it.