Lesson 02: Doctors and Hospitals

EY! for Teens

EY! for Teens Year 2 Lesson 02 Quizlet

このクイズレットフラッシュカードを使用して、レッスン前の次のレッスンで必要な単語を学習してください。 Flashcardsモードを使用して単語を勉強し、自分で試合モードを使用して覚えていることを確認してください。 モードを切り替えるには、クイズレットの右下にある「学習モードを選択」をクリックします。

Please use this Quizlet Flashcard set to try to learn the words that you’ll need during your next lesson before the lesson. Use the Flashcards mode to study the words then test yourself to see what you remember using the Match mode. To change between modes, click on "Choose a Study Mode" in the bottom right of the Quizlet.


EY! for Teens Year 2 Lesson 02: Doctors and Hospitals


Please prepare for your next lesson by writing down your answers to the questions below. Please use the same notebook every time to make it easier for you to review in the future.



  1. Name one remedy for the common cold besides medicine from the doctor or the drug store. Where does it come from? Are you supposed to eat it, drink it, rub it on your body or something else?
  2. Have you ever tried this remedy? If so, did it work? If not, would you ever try it?
  3. Name one condition or illness that might put someone in the hospital. What kind of treatment do people usually receive? Is this a common condition or illness in Japan?
  4. Have you ever been to visit someone in the hospital? If so, who did you visit and why were they in the hospital? If not, would you want someone to visit you if you were in the hospital?
  5. Have you or someone you know ever broken a bone? If so, tell the class about it, specifically which bone and what happened. If not, which bone do you think would be the worst to break?
  6. When was the last time you were really sick? What symptoms did you have? What did you do? How long were you sick for? Did you take any medicine for it? Tell the class about it.

If there is time, ask your teacher Question 5 and Question 6.

Model Answers: Let’s Ask Risa

  1. Garlic. I think garlic originally comes from mainland Asia. You are supposed to eat it, or drink it in soup, although you can also take garlic tablets.
  2. Yes, I have. I’m not sure if it worked or not. All I know for sure is that garlic gives you bad breath!
  3. Appendicitis. That’s when your appendix becomes inflamed and is in danger of rupturing. It’s actually quite common in Japan. It usually requires surgery although modern treatment includes antibiotics.
  4. Yes, I have. I visited my grandmother in hopsital. She was admitted after she had a fall and hurt her back.
  5. Yes, I have. I broke my finger playing basketball. It was really painful!
  6. I had Influenza last winter. I had a cough and felt really tired but otherwise I was okay. I went to the doctor after a few days and he gave me some antibiotics. I was sick for about ten days and had to take a week off from school.