Lesson 13: The Internet

EY! for Teens

EY! for Teens Year 1 Lesson 13 Quizlet

このクイズレットフラッシュカードを使用して、レッスン前の次のレッスンで必要な単語を学習してください。 Flashcardsモードを使用して単語を勉強し、自分で試合モードを使用して覚えていることを確認してください。 モードを切り替えるには、クイズレットの右下にある「学習モードを選択」をクリックします。

Please use this Quizlet Flashcard set to try to learn the words that you’ll need during your next lesson before the lesson. Use the Flashcards mode to study the words then test yourself to see what you remember using the Match mode. To change between modes, click on "Choose a Study Mode" in the bottom right of the Quizlet.


EY! for Teens Year 1 Lesson 13: The Internet


Please prepare for your next lesson by writing down your answers to the questions below. Please use the same notebook every time to make it easier for you to review in the future.



  1. Did you use the internet today? What did you use it for?
  2. How many hours a week do you think you spend on the internet? Which websites do you usually visit?
  3. Research Time! Go online and find one video on YouTube that you can recommend to the class. What is the title of the video? How long is it? What is it about? How many views does it have?
  4. Do you use social media, like Facebook or Twitter? If so, which ones do you use? If not, why not?
  5. The internet can be dangerous sometimes. What do you think is one of the biggest dangers of using the internet? Why?
  6. Imagine the internet was suddenly gone. How do you think your life would be different?

If there is time, please ask your teacher Question 1 and Question 2.

Model Answers: Let’s Ask Risa

  1. Yes, I did. I checked out what the weather would be today and looked at some photos on Instagram.
  2. About twenty-five hours. I visit news sites, blogs, Amazon, YouTube and Instagram. Sometimes I read comics online or use Google Earth to explore the world.
  3. I recommend "Donald Trump Singing Shake It Off by Taylor Swift". It's one minute and twenty seconds. It's a video of Donald Trump singing a Taylor Swift song. It has 3,226,954 views!
  4. Yes, I do. I use LINE all the time with my friends. I've also recently started using Instagram.
  5. I think hackers are a big danger. Hackers can steal your personal information like your bank account numbers or your passwords.
  6. With no internet, my life would be completely different. I would have to go to the convenience store to read comics. I would have to call my friends on the phone if I wanted to talk to them. I wouldn't be able to watch videos or listen to music whenever I wanted. It would be awful!