1. Take turns working through as many of the quiz questions as you can in the time remaining. There will not be time to answer all of the questions. You don’t need to click on Finish Quiz at the end of the quiz.
  2. If you don’t know the answer, you can pass and the next person has a chance to answer. If everyone in the class passes, the teacher may try to answer the question.
  3. For multiple choice questions, select the answer you think is correct before clicking Check. For discussion-style questions, enter “ok” into the text box before clicking Check.
  4. After someone correctly answers a question they spin the wheel below the quiz. Click once on the wheel to spin it. If the result of the spin shows some amount of money, the student wins that amount of money.
  5. If the wheel shows “Bankrupt”, the student loses all their money. Try not to spin up “Bankrupt”!
  6. If the wheel shows “Lose a turn”, the student wins no money but neither do they lose any money.
  7. Whoever has they most money at the end of the lesson wins!